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2013 (Volume 25)


Celebrating 25 years of publication is quite a feat since many literary magazines plod along with little money or little help and don't make it to year five. We have been fortunate.


We have a superb team of editors who understand the importance of nurturing the careers of beginning and mid-career writers/artists and who recognize the need to preserve literature and art. We have a university and donors who support us. We have an art center that collaborates with us and exhibits art from this magazine in its gallery. And we have a community of writers and artists sending us their manuscripts and art, which energizes and nourishes us. Could it get any better?


Many of the works in this issue deal with reflection and reminiscence, appropriate since we are reflecting on 25 years. And it is appropriate and important to reflect about our readers who have been with us for all or part of our journey. Thanks for your support and commitment. We are grateful. Enjoy The Briar Cliff Review

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C0VER: Thomas Prinz / Mixed Media Collage

Contest Winners




"Break of Day"

Beatrice Lazarus

Cranston, RI


"Says the Eye"

Mary Jean Port

Minneapolis, MN



Amy Merrick

Chicago, IL

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