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1995 (Volume 7)


In the seventh issue of The Briar Cliff Review we remember Frederick Manfred, author of 31 novels, who died Oct. 12, 1994. We remember him for his contribution to literature, especially the literature of our region. He created the term "Siouxland" in his novel This is the Year published in 1947, and today the Sioux City phone book is filled with businesses that begin with "Siouxland."


In our magazine we have themes of Siouxland in many of our works. We see the isolation and ruggedness of this "strange, troubled land" in Ron Johns' "Three Trees," "Ice Storm" and "Nevada" and see the simple beauty in "Bailey's Sunflower." The spirit of the people and their struggle to live in this land is reflected in — "Anna" by Louis Gregory, "Leaving" by Kate Flaherty, "Grasshopper Plague" by Sherree Seemann and Richard Danielson's photo of a decaying house on the prairie.


We are pleased to introduce to you many new writers and artists who live beyond our region, and we welcome them as they join the voices of our Siouxland community.

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COVER: "Bailey's Sunflower" / Photo by Ron Johns

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