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1990 (Volume 2)


In its second year, The Briar Cliff Review is more connected to the world.


What a year for unimagineable changes in eastern Europe — from the Berlin Wall to the streets of Prague and Bucharest. Sr. Edith Gottsacker gives us a glimpse into the reasons for these changes in her essay on Soviet leadership (page 61). All the time we were working on the layout of her essay, Gorbachev was in Lithuania. We wondered if he'd still be in power by the time her last sentence was placed on the page.


In the photo story, "The Home Place," (page 42), see the boots hanging on a nail in the barn, read the caption — "Uncle Bob took these off the day he left for Omaha" — and think of how many of us leave our home place for the world. In our leaving, we need to keep our ties with home; we need to feel a connectedness. In this year's Review, we also see that lifeline to home, family, community, nature and our past. 

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COVER: "Hardware Store, Hornick, Iowa" / Douglas Burg / photo

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