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1994 (Volume 6)


Our mission for the last six years has been to promote local/regional writers and artists — to give them a  place to highlight their works. Most of our writers and artists are from Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and South Dakota. It's not that we won't welcome contributions from Tampa, Spokane or San Antonio, but we want to build from the excellence that we know is here in Siouxland and the Midwest.


What is local is universal. We see it in Jeanne Emmons' short story of the lonely protagonist encountering the merhorse in the Niobrara River of Nebraska. We see it in the photo essay of rodeo cowboys, and we feel the mystique of this daredevil sport. We hear it in the memoirs of growing up in Sioux City — in Riverside — during WWII in "Home Front" by Marlene VanderWiel and "Three Waters" by Marcine Smith.


We are happy to proclaim ourselves a regional publication. It doesn't diminish us; it enhances us. 

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COVER: Tom Becker / high contrast film,
contact printed & colored w/ oil & acrylic

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